Michael Kors launched a series of fashion intelligent wristwatch Series in China

Michael Kors is honored to launch a series of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS touch screen smart watches in China, as well as its latest generation of smart wristwatches Sofie and Grayson. Sofie and Grayson smart watches perfectly combine the charming style and technology innovation with the brand’s modern luxury. Its design concept inherits the seamless connection between technology and society.

“I believe that the future fashion will combine excellent design, personalized style and innovative technology.” Mr. Michael Kors said, “the sensational effect of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS is the future. It’s very exciting to be able to provide a new generation of smart wristwatches and a hybrid smart watch. ”

The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch was launched in the US in September 2016 and sold in the global market. The sale in China expanded the market coverage of the series, marking a brand new opportunity for the brand. “For us, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS is an important development opportunity for us,” said John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive of Michael Kors. Through the global expansion of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS series, we have further positioned ourselves, aiming to understand the integration of fashion and technology and invest in this field.

All MICHAEL KORS ACCESS touchscreen smart wristwatches can provide custom functionality to meet the expensive, busy, and frequently socially active needs of the city. With fashion and functionality, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS has selected many fashion dials for selection, including digital dial for gym, vibrant gems, night dial, and other custom dial, bringing infinite possibilities. The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS series also provides a replaceable silica gel strap and a real leather strap to highlight the personality.

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