Michael Kors never looks down upon any customer

Now walking on the streets of the United States, Michael Kors handbags and watches are everywhere, to a large extent, this light luxury brand has become a synonym for American fashion. Though often criticized as “too commercialized”, Michael Kors’s vision has been proved with the infiltration of leisure style and Populism in the fashion industry in recent years.

Michael Kors created the same name light luxury brand in 1981, which fully projecting a complete set of life ideas of the designer himself. From the start of child identity, Michael Kors have a chance to see the celebrity lifestyle circle. At the time of the design of the New York Fashion Institute FIT, he began to exercise the communicative competence of the celebrities with the help of an internship at Lothar ‘s. Without graduation, I started the fashion career formally.

“What is American fashion in the end? The United States does not have the history of advanced customization, but we invented jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. We invented the leisure style, and we designed the fashion and accessories for speed. In the exclusive interview of fashion headline to Michael Kors, he pursues a more fast and efficient lifestyle. His design caters to the multi-functional needs of busy business people, which is the core of Jet Set style.

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