The Charm of Michael Kors GRAYSON wristwatch

If you ask the most classic circular Android Wear smart watch in the tail, maybe Moto 360 is the most popular choice for most of the tails. Of course, it is also the most classic one in my mind.

I have used the second generation Moto 360 watch equipped with Xiaolong 400 platform. The deep and handsome appearance can attract me most. The operation logic of Android Wear system is natural and fluent, matching Xiaolong 400 chip, has a relatively smooth experience.

In addition to bathing, sleeping time, I basically wearing it and use it, even in the convenience store when they deliberately do not pay the scan code out of mobile phone, using Moto 360 to open the Alipay or WeChat payment code delivery to the cashier, the cashier at a slightly surprised face, mouth hanging in the slightest smile – now recall, this operation is affected very embarrassing.