Michael Kors announced that its products will no longer use animal fur

In February this year, surrounded by Michael Kors is located in SOHO District of New York flagship store by PETA members, some even with Michael Kors my head wearing clothes and death for irony; June, about 20 kind of animal protection people in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alina Cho and Michael Kors interview activity against the use of fur with suddenly lifted at the same time the banners, shouting slogans, caused uproar, sitting in front of the John Idol and Michael Kors Lance LePere her husband after the protest started to leave quickly.

In response to this, Michael Kors himself responded that the brand now has the ability to use non fur material to create a luxury feeling, and fur material is no longer the only choice. But it has been revealed that the first Michael Kors series of artificial fur series will be released during the New York fashion week in February next year. As of now, a spokesman for the Michael Kors group has refused to respond further to the news.

The Humane Society of America appreciated the decision made by Michael Kors, and revealed that it had been consulting with Michael Kors since 2007. At that time, Michael Kors promised not to use raccoon fur. Wayne Pacelle, President and chief executive of the association, said that with the progress of artificial fur technology and the introduction of other innovative materials, it is increasingly clear that fur materials that are extremely cruel to obtain ways should be banned.

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