ZERO fur will be used in Michael Kors products

As people know more about sustainable fashion, fashion, luxury and beauty are being redefined. According to the representative of Chinese international fur coalition of Asian area zero (ACTAsia) news, the global fashion luxury group Michael Kors (Mike Coates) officially announced in Beijing time 16 days, the product will no longer use animal fur, and stressed that the latest in December 2018 will be phased out before the relevant products. With the announcement of the announcement, the company’s brand Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo will confirm the entry into the international zero fur sales project and become the leader of the zero fur trend in luxury fashion.

Michael Kors chairman and chief executive officer John D. Idol said: “I’m glad to announce that Michael Kors has joined zero fur and promised to no longer use animal fur in the Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo products. This decision marks the opening of a new chapter in Michael Kors and will also promote our continuous progress in the use of innovative materials. ” Michael Kors’s designer says: “because of the progress of manufacturing technology, we are now able to use non animal fur to create luxury and beauty. In the coming fashion show in February next year, we will show the results of these new technologies. ”

John Windin (JohVinding), President of the international zero leather Union, said: “the international alliances should congratulate Michael Kors on the great decisions made. We know that when innovative alternatives appear, both the fashion companies and the consumers are reluctant to relate to the unnecessary animal abuse.

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