Michael Kors launched a series of fashion intelligent wristwatch Series in China

Michael Kors is honored to launch a series of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS touch screen smart watches in China, as well as its latest generation of smart wristwatches Sofie and Grayson. Sofie and Grayson smart watches perfectly combine the charming style and technology innovation with the brand’s modern luxury. Its design concept inherits the seamless connection between technology and society.

“I believe that the future fashion will combine excellent design, personalized style and innovative technology.” Mr. Michael Kors said, “the sensational effect of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS is the future. It’s very exciting to be able to provide a new generation of smart wristwatches and a hybrid smart watch. ”

The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smart watch was launched in the US in September 2016 and sold in the global market. The sale in China expanded the market coverage of the series, marking a brand new opportunity for the brand. “For us, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS is an important development opportunity for us,” said John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive of Michael Kors. Through the global expansion of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS series, we have further positioned ourselves, aiming to understand the integration of fashion and technology and invest in this field.

All MICHAEL KORS ACCESS touchscreen smart wristwatches can provide custom functionality to meet the expensive, busy, and frequently socially active needs of the city. With fashion and functionality, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS has selected many fashion dials for selection, including digital dial for gym, vibrant gems, night dial, and other custom dial, bringing infinite possibilities. The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS series also provides a replaceable silica gel strap and a real leather strap to highlight the personality.

MICHAEL KORS city T Fashion Party

In November 15, 2017, MICHAEL KORS will hold a 360 degree all-around multimedia interactive THE WALK city T fashion party at the creative show in Shanghai Expo. Led by MICHAEL KORS of global brand ambassador Yang Mi, together with Mark, Zhou Bichang, Chrissie Chau, Lin Yun and Fil Master are common white, carefully crafted THE WALK 2017 series of street style holiday blockbusters are to be unveiled, the THE WALK street style in Shanghai this concept into the charm of the city streets.

“I’m so excited to bring MICHAEL KORS THE WALK Street blockbusters to this very street – characteristic city in Shanghai”.

MICHAEL KORS believes that personal style must be unique, while street style is shared with people. The new season of the THE WALK MICHAEL Michael Kors a large selection of street style 2017 holiday garments and all kinds of personality handbags, whether it is day or night out, rushed to the party, all-match clothing and handbags MICHAEL Michael Kors 2017 series of holiday will become the fashion Master Zhen choose love.

Will Michael Kors be renamed??

After buying Jimmy Choo, the Michael Kors group is not going to stop. Group CEO John D Idol, on Wednesday at Morgan Stanley Global Consumer and retail conference, said he was actively looking for new buyers. He emphasized that he would prefer to buy mature and potential brands, but did not disclose specific details.

In July this year, Michael Kors Group acquired the British luxury footwear brand Jimmy Choo for $1 billion 200 million, the transaction has been completed by the end of October, Jimmy Choo has been delisted, now officially classified as Michael Kors group. Analysts say the Michael Kors group bought Jimmy Choo, indicating the group’s determination to enter a multi – luxury brand group. A well-informed New York fashion industry yesterday revealed to fashion headlines that Michael Kors is trying to emulate the Coach mode of competitors, changing the group name, but it is still at a preliminary stage of discussion, and has not yet finalized the practice.

The Michael Kors group was listed on the New York stock exchange in December 15, 2012 with a stock code of KORS. The IPO raised $1 billion 100 million.

Michael Kors never looks down upon any customer

Now walking on the streets of the United States, Michael Kors handbags and watches are everywhere, to a large extent, this light luxury brand has become a synonym for American fashion. Though often criticized as “too commercialized”, Michael Kors’s vision has been proved with the infiltration of leisure style and Populism in the fashion industry in recent years.

Michael Kors created the same name light luxury brand in 1981, which fully projecting a complete set of life ideas of the designer himself. From the start of child identity, Michael Kors have a chance to see the celebrity lifestyle circle. At the time of the design of the New York Fashion Institute FIT, he began to exercise the communicative competence of the celebrities with the help of an internship at Lothar ‘s. Without graduation, I started the fashion career formally.

“What is American fashion in the end? The United States does not have the history of advanced customization, but we invented jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. We invented the leisure style, and we designed the fashion and accessories for speed. In the exclusive interview of fashion headline to Michael Kors, he pursues a more fast and efficient lifestyle. His design caters to the multi-functional needs of busy business people, which is the core of Jet Set style.

MICHAEL KORS starts innovative marketing in China

More and more international luxury brands are starting to pay attention to the marketing of the Chinese market, especially the use of social media to carry out marketing activities. Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (NYSE:KORS) chairman and CEO John D. Idol has said that social media is the cornerstone and focus of communication between brands and customers.

Only one year on line, shakes have become the first APP of the IOS app store “photography and video” downloads, and the daily average video playback has exceeded 2 billion. Trill gathered a large number of a second tier city based 90 young consumer groups, the young people in the high jump, the huge social events of exposure and influence, it is required for MICHAEL KORS event.

Based on the above advantages, jitter has emerged from many social media, becoming the core online communication position of MICHAEL KORS, and carrying out three-dimensional cooperation under the linkage line.

Second quarter of the fiscal year of Michael Kors

The total income from the United States was $751 million 900 thousand, an increase of 0.9% over the same period, and a 0.6% increase in a constant currency meter. Income from Europe was $270 million 700 thousand, an increase of 9.2% over the same period, and a 4.6% increase in a constant currency meter. Income from Asia was $124 million, an increase of 30.4% over the same period, and a 33.5% increase in a constant currency meter.

The gross profit was $690 million 800 thousand, an increase of 7.2% over the same period. The gross profit rate was 60.2% and the exchange rate was affected by 20 basis points, and the gross interest rate was 59.2% in the same period last year.

Operating profits were $199 million 100 thousand, compared with $203 million 700 thousand in the same period last year. Operating profit margin was 17.4%, 18.7% in the same period last year. If we deduct the transaction cost of 38 million 300 thousand US dollars, which is related to the acquisition of Jimmy Choo, retail store structure change and non cash impairment loss, the operating profit is US $237 million 400 thousand and the operating profit rate is 20.7%, which was 208 million 600 thousand US dollars and 19.2% last year.

The net profit attributable to the company was $202 million 900 thousand, and the EPS was $1.32 after the dilution, which was $160 million 900 thousand and $0.95 in the same period last year. If the deduction of $1 million 600 thousand, associated with the acquisition of Jimmy Choo transaction cost plus and unrealized gains, retail restructuring and non cash impairment loss, net profit attributable to the company for $204 million 500 thousand, diluted EPS of $1.33, more than the company had expected $0.80-0.84. The return to mother net profit in the same period last year was $164 million 100 thousand, and the EPS was $0.97 after the dilution.

The Charm of Michael Kors GRAYSON wristwatch

If you ask the most classic circular Android Wear smart watch in the tail, maybe Moto 360 is the most popular choice for most of the tails. Of course, it is also the most classic one in my mind.

I have used the second generation Moto 360 watch equipped with Xiaolong 400 platform. The deep and handsome appearance can attract me most. The operation logic of Android Wear system is natural and fluent, matching Xiaolong 400 chip, has a relatively smooth experience.

In addition to bathing, sleeping time, I basically wearing it and use it, even in the convenience store when they deliberately do not pay the scan code out of mobile phone, using Moto 360 to open the Alipay or WeChat payment code delivery to the cashier, the cashier at a slightly surprised face, mouth hanging in the slightest smile – now recall, this operation is affected very embarrassing.

Michael Kors announced that its products will no longer use animal fur

In February this year, surrounded by Michael Kors is located in SOHO District of New York flagship store by PETA members, some even with Michael Kors my head wearing clothes and death for irony; June, about 20 kind of animal protection people in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alina Cho and Michael Kors interview activity against the use of fur with suddenly lifted at the same time the banners, shouting slogans, caused uproar, sitting in front of the John Idol and Michael Kors Lance LePere her husband after the protest started to leave quickly.

In response to this, Michael Kors himself responded that the brand now has the ability to use non fur material to create a luxury feeling, and fur material is no longer the only choice. But it has been revealed that the first Michael Kors series of artificial fur series will be released during the New York fashion week in February next year. As of now, a spokesman for the Michael Kors group has refused to respond further to the news.

The Humane Society of America appreciated the decision made by Michael Kors, and revealed that it had been consulting with Michael Kors since 2007. At that time, Michael Kors promised not to use raccoon fur. Wayne Pacelle, President and chief executive of the association, said that with the progress of artificial fur technology and the introduction of other innovative materials, it is increasingly clear that fur materials that are extremely cruel to obtain ways should be banned.

ZERO fur will be used in Michael Kors products

As people know more about sustainable fashion, fashion, luxury and beauty are being redefined. According to the representative of Chinese international fur coalition of Asian area zero (ACTAsia) news, the global fashion luxury group Michael Kors (Mike Coates) officially announced in Beijing time 16 days, the product will no longer use animal fur, and stressed that the latest in December 2018 will be phased out before the relevant products. With the announcement of the announcement, the company’s brand Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo will confirm the entry into the international zero fur sales project and become the leader of the zero fur trend in luxury fashion.

Michael Kors chairman and chief executive officer John D. Idol said: “I’m glad to announce that Michael Kors has joined zero fur and promised to no longer use animal fur in the Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo products. This decision marks the opening of a new chapter in Michael Kors and will also promote our continuous progress in the use of innovative materials. ” Michael Kors’s designer says: “because of the progress of manufacturing technology, we are now able to use non animal fur to create luxury and beauty. In the coming fashion show in February next year, we will show the results of these new technologies. ”

John Windin (JohVinding), President of the international zero leather Union, said: “the international alliances should congratulate Michael Kors on the great decisions made. We know that when innovative alternatives appear, both the fashion companies and the consumers are reluctant to relate to the unnecessary animal abuse.

Michael Kors has a high stock price this year

Affected by the downturn in the US Department store and the excessive discount sales, Michael Kors performance has been severely hit, and the huge retail network has also become the burden of Michael Kors. According to the data, the total number of Michael Kors stores in the world is more than 4000, and the speed of the store is at one time comparable to the fast fashion H&M.

In order to reverse its decline in the light and extravagant industry, Michael Kors has been constantly reforming in recent years, trying to find new growth points. At present, the group is actively implementing a plan called “Runway2020”. The next two years, Michael Kors plans to shut down 100 to 125 physical retail stores to enhance profitability, at the same time, the brand will also be on the part of entity retail store renovation and strengthening of staff training, so that they can provide a more personalized shopping experience for consumers.

In terms of products, style Michael Kors will add handbags and color, rich products, handbags and accessories department is still the core brand, and will be before the end of December 2018 bid farewell to promote the sustainable development of animal fur material.

In addition to the reorganization and promotion of its own internal structure and products, Michael Kors is also tightening the opportunities for expansion of the external market. In July this year, Michael Kors to $1 billion 200 million acquisition of Jimmy Choo, the transaction has been formally completed by the end of October, Jimmy Choo has been delisted, now officially classified as Michael Kors group.